blue dawg’s Strategic Advisor Team collaborates, brainstorms, mentors and trains your staff when and where you need it most!

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blue dawg knows every nonprofit is a different breed with unique needs and its own bark!

To help you stand out from the pack, we offer: tailored services , collaborative partnerships, customization without extra costs, turnkey solutions with shorter lead times, hands-on help

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Direct Mail
Donor Conversion
Special Events
Major Donor Development

Social Media
Giving Tuesday
Micro Campaigns
Grant Writing
Planned Giving Support
Capital Campaign Support

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Development Essentials
Major Donor Engagement
Corporate Relations
Team Building
Volunteer Programs

Strategic Planning
Grant Writing
Legacy Partnerships
Capital Campaign Support

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Rack Cards
Impact Reports

Welcome Packages
Google Ad Grants
Social Media
Special Projects

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Public Relations

Press Releases
Ad Copy
Crisis Management
Public Speaking

Special Events
Complaint Mitigation

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Our Strategic Advisor Team and Project Management Team create your fundraising plan of action based on your goals. We’ll learn about your nonprofit, your donors, your community and your preferences. Only then will we begin to craft a fundraising strategy uniquely yours.

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


We began using the services of blue dawg in the fall of 2016. We were hoping to see a bump in our income and we did! What we did not expect, and what we got in addition, was an increase every year. We are a small mission and the revenue blue dawg brought in has been an incredible blessing!

Steve Roe
Executive Director
Beacon of Hope


“Working with Blue Dawg has been such an excellent experience for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. They are professional and trustworthy and helped us create a wonderful acquisition piece to reach new donors. They listened to us and made sure our branding was intact and we were comfortable. The response to the acquisition was far above what we had projected, and we are thrilled about working with them more in the future. Chris has been an invaluable asset with donor retention and sharing his knowledge. If you are thinking about working with them, don’t hesitate!”

Brooke Fornea
Director of Marketing & Sales
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue


I have found none better than blue dawg. They listen. And most importantly they get the result. With their counsel and work, I saw an increase of nearly 50 percent in the number of gifts received from their appeals. Plus, an added benefit was we recovered over 800 lapsed donors in the process.

Jay Boyd
Executive Director
Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries


God is blessing our ministry and blue dawg has played a big part in that. They have customized our campaigns to fit us. The result is donor cultivation gifts continue to increase. Plus, we are getting more new donors and reactivating lapsed donors.

Steve Turbeville
Lighthouse Ministries

“Rescued Us!”

Two by Two Rescue is a small no-kill animal rescue in Alabama. We are overworked and stretched thin but rescuing distressed animals is our heartbeat. Every day we save the lives of animals, so it was exciting when Blue Dawg came to our rescue. Blue Dawg seamlessly created and executed our first-ever direct mail appeal to our donors. And the result – even with the pandemic – was an ROI well above the national average! Blue Dawg focused on what they do best … raising resources. And their efforts took a burden off our small staff, allowing us to focus on what we do best … rescuing animals.  We absolutely could not have achieved such success without Blue Dawg. I suggest you let Blue Dawg rescue your organization, too!

Sonya King
Founder & Executive Director
Two by Two Rescue


blue dawg is more partner than vendor to our Mission.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when they offered help with public relations, but their press releases and marketing pieces always pay off. They listen, then jump in to serve.

Greg Kirk
United Gospel Rescue Mission

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