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Our Partnership

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blue dawg can be your Trusted Partner, championing your cause and transforming your fundraising objectives into practical steps that lead to your success.

Your Success—Our Partnership

Do you feel unheard and undervalued? blue dawg can be your trusted partner, ready to listen to your unique needs and passionately champion your cause.

How does a trusted partnership happen?

  • First, blue dawg performs a Donor Analysis to understand where you want to go.
  • Next, we develop a customized success plan together.
  • Then, we implement that plan. You and your team’s involvement and collaboration are critical to the process.

Your Success—Our Partnership

We want you to be successful and have the comfort of knowing you have someone in your corner who cares, listens, advocates and supports you.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

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We began using the services of blue dawg in the fall of 2016. We were hoping to see a bump in our income and we did! What we did not expect, and what we got in addition, was an increase every year. We are a small mission and the revenue blue dawg brought in has been an incredible blessing!

Brian Bidleman
Executive Director
Beacon of Hope


Our Foundation, the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation, recently began its partnership with blue dawg and has already seen tremendous growth thanks to their digital marketing efforts. Their team seems to already know our organization in and out, and has tailored our digital efforts to meet the expectations and reach the hearts of our donors. We are so thrilled to have partnered with blue dawg and are excited to see our continued growth.

Bradley Kim
Grants Program Manager
L.A. County Animal Care Foundation


I have found none better than blue dawg. They listen. And most importantly they get the result. With their counsel and work, I saw an increase of nearly 50 percent in the number of gifts received from their appeals. Plus, an added benefit was we recovered over 800 lapsed donors in the process.

Jay Boyd
Executive Director
Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries


God is blessing our ministry and blue dawg has played a big part in that. They have customized our campaigns to fit us. The result is donor cultivation gifts continue to increase. Plus, we are getting more new donors and reactivating lapsed donors.

Steve Turbeville
President & CEO
Lighthouse Ministries



“When I signed a contract with blue dawg, it was a leap of faith. But here we are a little over four months in and I am so thankful for blue dawg. Julie and Jessica have been patient and so incredibly helpful. They ask questions, listen to my needs and deliver an amazing and beautiful project. I know the Lord led me down a path to connect with your company, and I could not be more thankful.”

 Andrea Pickett
Executive Director
My Father’s House


blue dawg has done such a wonderful job of incorporating our brand voice and kit into the design of the newsletters. We love how efficient and well-organized the blue dawg team is!

Jim Fulton
Executive Director
Asheville Humane Society

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