Giving your donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders a Wow experience is more important than ever. In 2019, Blue Dawg has been assisting our clients with ways to improve that experience.

Whether it?s your digital, direct mail, front desk, or other touchpoint, donors want their giving experience to feel less transactional and have a more personal connection with those they help.

We can see this trend in a recent report from Ford,?Looking Further With Ford. They found consumers want a more authentic, person-to-person experience. Secondly, 45% said they envied people who have disconnect from their device.

As fundraisers, we have to look for ways to WOW our donors and other constituents ? more personal, more real, more impactful. This includes your digital, direct mail, phone greeting and so much more.

Contact us if you want to crank up your WOW.