It’s hard keeping up with days these days. When I was a kid, we didn’t have all these special days.

Doughnut Day is the first Friday in June and I got a free doughnut that day. The third Wednesday in October is Hagfish Day, and the last Monday of January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

Outside of a free doughnut, none of these days excites me much. However, there is one day every nonprofit needs to celebrate – Giving Tuesday.

According to a recent report by Blackbaud, 4,396 nonprofits have received a gift from Giving Tuesday since its inception in 2012. Last year, this special day generated $46 million in online contributions. I hope your nonprofit received one of those gifts.

Hagfish and Bubble Wrap can have their special day, but please put December 1st on your calendar. It’s time to start planning for Giving Tuesday.