What are you hooked on? Despite the fact that we’ve outlawed texting during dinner, there is still the occasional covert text under the table. My 15-year-old son often explains that his friend needed an immediate answer. In a 2008 AOL survey of 4,000 email users, 46% said they were “hooked” on email. Almost 60% of those surveyed had checked email in the bathroom; 15% admitted to checking emails during church; and 11% have gone as far as to hide the fact that they were checking emails from their spouse or a member of the family. Sounds a lot like my son. My guess is those of us using Twitter and other kinds of social media may even be more “hooked.” There are constant tweets, beeps and vibrations alerting you that someone has sent you a message. As a result, you could spend a large portion of your day reading messages and related links. The question becomes are the things you’re “hooked” on making you more productive and successful, or are they just wasting your valuable time? I’m okay with the bathroom, but please not in church.