There was a time or two in elementary school when I was not one of the first ones picked. For some odd reason, the two captains skipped over me until the end.

Many donors are becoming more intentional in who they choose to support. For example, you have a donor who gives $100 to 10 organizations. Now, this donor picks the 5 organizations she is most passionate about and gives each one $200.

End result ? your giving may be up but it?s coming from fewer donors. You can read more about this trend and others in Blackbaud?s Vital Signs.

What can we take from this trend? Or better yet, how do you make a donor?s top 5?

  1. Love the donors you have.
  2. Thank your donors in an appropriate and timely manner. And do it often.
  3. Make sure your donors know the impact they?re having. They want to see the return on their investment in your organization.
  4. Keep finding ways to add new donors and stay in their top 5.

Hope you make the top 5.