Growing up, my Mom constantly stress to us kids the importance of saying ?Please? and ?Thank you.? There were dire consequences too if we didn?t.

As fundraisers, we have no problem with the ?Please? part when asking for a gift. It?s the ?Thank you? that gets us in trouble. This is the reason many donors stop giving. Your ?Thank You? was late or never sent ? it was all about you ? or it is boring.

Here are 3 things donors want from a ?Thank you.?

  • Prompt ? Within a week is best, but no later than 2 weeks a ?Thank you? should in your donor?s hands.
  • Real ? Not a form letter or postcard just stating how much they gave. It should be a heart-felt message reinforcing how the gift is being used and why it?s so important.
  • You ? Use ?you? not we. Focus your thank you on the donor and their gift.

This Network for Good article provides excellent ideas to go beyond the Thank You and amaze your donors. ?I really like #3 and #9. Now go thank someone.