Survey Says

No, we’re not referring to the top 8 answers on Family Feud. Instead, do you know the top 8 things your donors are saying about you – good or bad?

In The Agitator’s research with 250 nonprofits in the US, Canada and the UK, they found:

For every donor who registers a complaint — i.e. provides
feedback — their retention increases 15 points. That’s right,
15 points, say from a 30 to 45% retention rate.

That’s not all. This increase had nothing to do with whether the organization fixed the complaint. The increase was directly related to giving their donor a voice. Let them share what they like and don’t like. However, if it is a valid complaint, fix it.

This process doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with including a survey in your thank you letters. Bottom-line: ask you donors what they think.