My last blog stressed the importance of including others. A few days after writing it, I took an online test associated with the book, Strength Finder 2.0, to determine my strengths. One of mine happened to be Includer. The premise of the book is that it’s much more valuable to focus your efforts on developing your strengths rather than trying to overcome your weaknesses. Therefore, you need to know your strengths. My other strengths were Positivity, Woo, Communication, and Developer. All these have aspects of sharing ideas and wanting to help people. I especially love sharing with large groups on how to improve their organizations and lives, so all those strengths make sense. Do you fall into the trap of trying to overcome your weaknesses instead of building on strengths? Or maybe it’s your organization that needs to focus on its strengths. Yes, both organizations and individuals have to address their weaknesses. Let say you’re not very good with numbers. The answer is to hire an accountant, not waste your time taking an accounting class. I shared my strengths. What are yours?