Short has always gotten a bad rap. I remember our family’s first trip to Disney World. My brothers and I couldn’t wait to drive the race cars. Everyone jumped into his own car…except my youngest brother. He was too short and had to ride with my dad. No one ever gets turned away because he is too tall. However, short is sweet when it comes to e-mails. In a recent study by MailerMailer, subject lines with 35 characters or less outperformed subject lines with 35 characters or more. The research found that shorter subject lines produced average open rates and click-through rates of 18.98 and 3.52 percent respectively. The longer subject lines only produced rates of 15.38 and 1.75 percent. Click rates are defined as the total number of unique clicks (i.e., the first time a person clicks on a link) divided by the total number of opportunities to click. It is calculated as follows: the total number of unique clicks divided by the product of the number of links in each message and the number of total recipients. For example, a message sent to 100 people with 5 unique links in it that get 10 unique clicks would have a 10/(100*5) = 2% click rate. To see more of this study and the average click rate for your industry, go to study . For exampl