When dining at someone?s home, how do you get a second helping? It?s really quite simple. Let your host know how incredible the meal was and how much you appreciate the effort. He or she will gladly offer seconds.

Nonprofits need to take a similar approach to getting a second gift. This is critical to new donor retention, and it starts with immediately thanking your new donor.

Within 48 hours, send a Thank You letter that lets your donor know the incredible impact she made, the amount of the gift, and how much you appreciate her gift. The more personal the letter the better Try sending a handwritten note for gifts over a certain amount. Also, call as many new donors as possible to thank them for their gift.

Then, a couple weeks later, send a New Donor Welcome Kit. It should include a cover letter that again thanks her for the gift. And have a brief survey that asks about her interests as they relate to your organization, her email address, and how she?d like to receive your newsletter. You can provide your Impact Report and volunteer opportunities.

Getting seconds starts with appreciation and praise.