Alabama Baptist Children’s Home Christmas

OUR CHALLENGE: Create a new Christmas appeal for donors and prospects that is more donor friendly. A Christmas card with an actual drawing from one of their children was an obvious choice. RESULTS: Response went up with both donors and prospects. Plus many donors requested copies of the card to use for their Christmas cards.

ACH Appeal


OUR CHALLENGE: Our Challenge: Take ACH’s direct mail program and develop a multi-channel approach to sharing their story. In addition to the direct mail, an email was sent to donors and a banner ad was added to the giving page creating a consistent message to donors. THE STORY: ACH saw an overall increase in number

M Power Impact Report

OUR CHALLENGE: Change from the old annual report formats that businesses use – long, boring and not donor friendly. RESULTS:   A simple, easy to read Impact Report that let’s the donors know the Impact they had that year.