While peanut butter has been around since the late 1800s and jelly even longer, the first known PB&J was thought to be eaten by soldiers in WWII. It took a while to bring these two great foods together.

Direct mail and email are the PB&J of today. Both fundraising channels have been around for a while and have evolved over the years. Now many fundraisers and marketers are discovering they go well together. This multichannel pairing helps improve conversion rates for new donors (getting that second gift) and overall donor retention.

On many of our fundraising campaigns, 10-14 days after the donor received their letter an email is sent that reinforces the need. These results are also true of marketing campaigns. Clients see a bump in response for both direct mail and online giving. Together these two channels may not taste as good as a PB&J, but their combined results are better.