This fall my family is helping host two students from China. These students are attending Samford University, and the university wants to enhance their exposure to our community and culture. While reviewing some of the do’s and don’ts, we were told to expect a gift from our students and to definitely accept it. Gift giving is a part of their culture and they would lose face if you told them you couldn’t accept it. Gift giving is a big part of our culture as well. I’ve heard stories of senior citizens with limited incomes who wanted to give a gift, but the organization was hesitant about accepting it. The older donor’s response was always the same – “you’re taking away the joy I get from giving.” Even in this difficult economy, people still give to their favorite charities. Sadly, many charities are causing their donors to lose face and the joy of giving. Frequently, nonprofit organizations tell me that the most they could ask their donors to give is once or twice a year. Not much joy! So, I have to ask. Do you want your donors filled with joy or losing face? On an even broader life application, do you willing accept gifts or acts of kindness from others?