Digital Fundraising continues to post double-digit growth. These exciting new channels are allowing nonprofits to reach a new audience of donors. Are you getting your share of the digital donation?

Fundraising campaigns should no longer be thought of as a single channel like direct mail or e-mail. Multi-channel approaches keeps donors engaged “where they live.”

                                    5 Key Integrated Digital Fundraising strategies:

  • Robust Online Strategy starts with your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be utilized so donors and prospects can find you easily and quickly. Banner ads strategically placed for maximum response. With mobile access growing at a rapid pace, all your websites should be mobile optimized.
  • Social media is strategically aligned with all other fundraising efforts.
  • E-mail strategy starts with e-appends to add more donors to your e-mail list. We can also grow your e-mail list organically using a variety of proven tactics.
  • Content fundraising that appeals to people’s hearts and inspires action.
  • Solid analytics to know what is working and what is not. You should always be testing and analyzing all your media campaigns and strategies.

Now go have fun.