4 Tips to Go the Distance

What is your ?win? for year end?

It could be acquiring new donors, reactivating lapsed donors, increased giving by current donors, or all the above. While your energy and efforts are rightfully focused on achieving your year-end goals, your FOCUS is to view midnight on December 31 as a milestone not the end of the race.

In the movie Rocky, Sylvester Stallone runs the steps of the Philadelphia Library. In many ways you may feel like Rocky, using every last ounce of strength to reach the top (December 31).

Rocky?s goal was not to reach the top step, but to ?go the distance with Apollo Creed?. How will you lead you, or recapture those who have fallen by the wayside, to the next milestone in the journey of your organization?s mission? Here are 4 key things to help you go the distance!

  1. Survey: Whether you send a mailing, e-mail or call, find out why they give and how they like to receive about the impact their gift is having. The insights you gain will help engage with them more effectively in the new year. But don?t stop with those who are currently giving. As a first step toward reengagement for the new year, reach out to some lapsed donors and find out why they didn?t give. Maybe they didn?t feel appreciated, maybe you weren?t top of mind and they gave elsewhere or maybe they wanted to give and just couldn?t afford it. Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
  1. Find New Ways to Give: You may want introduce your donors or lapsed donors to new ways to give. Break down a larger gift into recurring monthly donation and demonstrate how their gifts impact those you serve. Sometimes when donors can see a monthly breakdown of a gift they may decide to give more in the coming year. They may change their $300 annual gift into $30 monthly increments.
  2. Share a compelling Story: Remind people of why they gave and then cast vision around a specific program or maybe even a new initiative that will transform lives, deepen the impact, or increase your outreach. It will remind lapsed donors of why they gave and could inspire them to give again.
  3. Share a new impact highlight: ?Highlight the amazing impact their gift is having. In the digital age, a video easy and powerful.

Now go jug raw eggs and go the distance.