?I?m confused!?

Many times in my life, those two words have been my mantra. However, these are not words you want your donors saying.

Jeff Brooks, fundraiser extraordinaire, recently shared how many nonprofit organizations do a terrible job of explaining what they do. Without realizing it, you are leaving your prospects and many donors confused.

He recommends the following exercise. Find someone like your average donor who has never heard of your organization. Show them the “above the fold” portion of your website, or a copy of the “about us” language for approximately 45 seconds. (This is to simulate how long the typical donor will spend perusing the same items.)

Then wait about five minutes — so they are not just parroting back what they read — and ask them to explain in their own words what your nonprofit does, and why it’s interesting.

This exercise might sound a little scary, but no pain no gain.