1. New bike with banana seat and butterfly handlebars
  2. Stretch Armstrong
  3. Twister

Sorry, that’s my list. The more important list is what your donors want for Christmas.

1. Donors want to know how they helped solve the problem.

2. Donors want to be the hero. Be sure they get the credit and praise, not you.

3. Donors want you to value them.

4. Donors want you to take an interest in them and their lives.

5. Donors want their feedback to matter.

6. Donors want the giving to be easy.

7. Donors want to know what you did with their gift. Show them if you can.

8. Donors want you to be transparent about their gift and how it was used.

9. Donors want you to be a good steward of their money. Be honest and trustworthy.

10. Donors want input on how they give, how they engage, and how you communicate.

Leave lots of milk and cookies, because you want Santa to fill every item on this list.

Merry Christmas