I always share this story from my favorite Charlie Brown TV special ? A Charlie Brown Christmas. It?s a great reminder for me.

If you?ve never seen it, Charlie Brown is asked to find a tree for their Christmas program. With Linus at his side, he searches through rows of artificial trees with no luck. Finally, he finds the perfect one ? a tiny tree that?s barely clinging to life.

When Charlie hangs a single ornament, its needles fall off and the tree bends almost to the ground. Charlie thinks he may have killed it.

As you can imagine, he gets lots of grief from Lucy, Snoopy and the others. Then they ask Charlie why he chose such a pitiful tree.

Charlie?s answer is what Christmas is all about. He said, ?The tree needed me.?

Just like that tree, someone needs you this Christmas season. Serve meals at a rescue mission, take toys to a children?s home, shovel snow for an elderly neighbor, and so many other needs. Where will you help?

The best gift you?ll receive this Christmas is the joy of helping another person in need.

Bonus: Linus? What Christmas Is All About is amazing.