Blue Dawg partners with a statewide children’s home, the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home.

“We’ve been extremely pleased with the return on investment that blue dawg has attained through fundraising. Our results consistently rank highest for our industry. For every $1 raised it costs us less than 20 cents. That’s better than a 5 to 1 return on our investment. blue dawg has consistently exceeded our expectations.” Vice President Development, Alabama Baptist Children’s Home


blue dawg has been working with Alabama Baptist Children’s Home (ABCH) for many years in developing an outstanding annual fund program. One of ABCH’s annual fundraising appeals is a Christmas card, which consists of a Christmas card, a closed face I7 envelope, an I6 return envelope and a personalized reply card. ME provides all services from concept to analytical reports. ME’s sophisticated list analysis coupled with award winning creative consistently achieve top of industry results.

Campaign Objective

blue dawg used a proven direct mail campaign and tested an additional cross fundraising channel – email – as a follow up. Both in-house email addresses and acquired others were used. The goal was to determine if sending a follow up email after a direct mail appeal would signi icantly increase results.

Target Audience

The email targeted 15,000 email addresses of donors and prospects.

Creative Strategy

The creative strategy was a Christmas card drawn by a child at ABCH. The card brie ly shared how a gift brings healing to a child and on the back told the story of the artist. The reply card was personalized to the recipients with ask amounts based on previous giving. The email used the child’s photo to reinforce the message.

The Ask

Prior giving amounts and a gift matrix were used to encourage prior donors to increase their past giving. The database was segmented with appeal codes based on the recency and amount of prior gifts. The prospects were asked a standard amount.


The results for this campaign were impressive to say the least. There was a 5 percent increase in the number of gifts and a 15% increase in total contributions over the previous year. The average gift through direct mail was $119.20 and through email the average gift was $229.63. Online gifts from the email accounted for over $ 10,000 in additional giving.

The cost to raise a dollar with email was a nominal 11 cents. The cost to raise a dollar by direct mail was also very low at only 20 cents. Thus, email achieved a 9 to 1 return on investment and direct mail achieved a 5 to 1 return on investment.

Clearly, the cross media approach using email had a big impact on results compared to just using a single channel.

Needless to say, ABCH is extremely pleased again with their relationship with blue dawg and their help in moving more toward cross media fundraising.