Merry Christmas

I’m hearing those words a lot less these days and that’s too bad. No matter what your faith or beliefs, it’s truly a wonderful time of year. People tend to be more giving, friends have parties, families gather and one or two of you may even get a kiss under the mistletoe. These are all


Sending cards, having parties, being with friends and family, eating, giving gifts…the list goes on and on. We are in the middle of the Christmas season and all its activities. And every one of these activities connects us with another person. As social media continues to grow, we are starting to experience a little backlash.


As you begin planning for 2011, make sure to budget both time and resources toward trying something new. This applies to your business and personal life. In the marketing and fundraising world, we are constantly testing new ideas for our clients and for our own business. The first step is to spend time thinking, which