Awards Are Nice, But…

As one of the judges for Fundraising Success’ Gold Awards, I had the opportunity to review some amazing direct mail packages. And I would like to congratulate the Muscular Dystrophy Association for winning Best of Show. Their package was mailed to 3,279 donors who had made one or more gifts of $100 or more in

What’s Your Addiction?

Chocolate, football, shopping,.…? As a nonprofit, you want your donors addicted to giving. The good news is that your actions along with your donor’s brain play a big part in making that happen. Studies show that when you donate money, your brain’s mesolimbic system is activated. This is the area of your brain that responds


Picture the entry way to your home. Is there a mat at the front door that says “Welcome”? Does the doorbell work? Does the front door need a little paint? When you walk in is the area well lit and inviting? Do you answer the door in your bath robe and slippers? All these little