Zoned Out

Do you need to solve a problem, be more creative or think of a new idea? Forget playing with toys or brainstorming with a group. Go zone out. That’s right. Just stare off into space… Daydream. While daydreaming may be frowned upon in class and at work, it could be one of the best ways

Is Shorter Better?

Omg u r my bff. LOL This is how many of us communicate in this new social media world. Whether it’s a matter of convenience in texting and status updates or it’s a matter of necessity in tweets (only 140 characters), our communications have gotten shorter and shorter. Is this a good trend? Not if

Growing Older?

I’m having another birthday this weekend. So there is no doubt I am getting older. That’s easy. Here’s the really hard question I always need to be asking myself – am I growing? The NielsenWire recently reported 6 million more seniors (age 65+) are using the web compared to 5 years ago. That’s 17.5 million