Goofy Customer Service and Marketing

I love Walt Disney World. Where else would you happily stand in line eating a turkey leg with your hands and wearing mouse ears while you wait to ride in a teacup? And pay handsomely for that privilege. It’s because the people at WDW are the masters of customer service and marketing. What can we

Be Nice

My mom was constantly telling me to be nice. As the oldest of five kids, it was hard being nice to my three brothers and sister. While my brothers were terribly annoying at times and my baby sister was bossy most of the time, Mom told me I still needed to be nice to them.

Signing Yearbooks

Once a year in high school, I had the chance to write what I thought about my classmates. They gave me their yearbooks to sign. “Stay cute and sweet” “2 sweet 2 be 4 gotten” Today kids still sign their friends’ yearbooks with messages very similar to those of my day. A new phrase I