Winning at the Buzzer

When I played high school basketball in the mid ‘70s, the shorts were a lot shorter, the socks were a lot longer, and there was no 3 point line. At 5’11” and 145 pounds, I was a force to be reckoned with on the court. A recent study, “When Losing Leads to Winning

Watch Your Words

As a child, did you ever say anything embarrassing like use a word incorrectly or accidently reveal a family secret? Or have your own children embarrassed you in this way? Ever wish you could review your children’s words before they speak them? Businesses and organizations are facing a similar problem. With the popularity of email,

Women Rule

Women rule the world or at least the bank account. A survey just released by The Boston Consulting Group says that women are responsible for $12 trillion in global spending and 70% of all consumer purchases worldwide. An

Marketing Channels

Growing up in rural Mississippi, we only had one TV station – CBS. That meant watching Captain Kangaroo in the morning