Lunchbox Lessons

When I was in the third grade, my mom got me a Bonanza lunchbox. In the ‘60s, Hoss and Little Joe were okay, but they weren’t nearly as tough as Zorro or the Green Hornet. Likewise, the girls leaned toward a Monkees or Bobby Sherman lunchbox. After all, your lunchbox was a part of your

Grow Your Own

Growing up on a farm, I always had fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and milk. This past weekend I was back home enjoying fresh tomatoes, plums, peas and some of mom’s hot cornbread. According to the National Gardening Association, 7 million more Americans plan to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs this year. Compared to 2008,

What Can We Learn From Peanut Butter

Don’t become like peanut butter. In a recent IBM survey, less than 20% of American shoppers trust food companies to produce food that is safe and healthy and 83% could name a product that has been recalled in the last two years. Peanut butter was the most recognized recalled food at 46% followed by spinach

I Don’t Know

Want to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually? Start with these three simple words “I don’t know.” My friend and pastor, Dr. Gary Fenton, recently shared with me that saying “I don’t know” opens your mind to becoming a life-long learner and gives the other person permission to teach you. Sadly, our culture and egos have