Going Green

It's almost spring and everything will be turning green soon...the trees, grass and your organization? That's right. Is your organization doing all it can to help the environment from a direct mail fundraising aspect? Here's where we are today: • Studies show all direct mail makes up only 1.8% of all waste and 4.7% of

Roses or Chocolates?

Have trouble buying a gift for certain people? That's because everyone is different. There is a wonderful book by Dr. Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages. Dr. Chapman shares in the book that we all feel love differently and it's important to understand the other person's love language. The five languages are words of

Show the Love

One of the ladies who works with me tells the following story. In the fourth grade, her mother bought a king-size Snickers bar for my co-worker to give her new ""boyfriend"" on Valentine's Day. Being the shy typ

Cheap Date

In high school, there was nothing flashy about me. In 1974, my first car was a ‘65 VW Bug with no A/C or heat. The windows were rolled down in the summer, and you were wrapped up in a blanket in the winter. Most dates started with a Big Mac, fries and sharing a hot