Gateway Email Appeal

OUR CHALLENGE: Develop first ever email appeal with their Christmas direct mail  campaign. Designed email and sent two weeks after mail arrived in homes. RESULTS: Online and direct mail giving up with higher average gifts.

Radical – Secret Church Email

OUR CHALLENGE: Find a way to reach churches around the world with Secret Church. Researched and selected email lists of churches from a wide range of denominations. Designed an email with links to videos and Secret Church registration. RESULTS: 23% open rates and contacts from churches in US and 5 other countries.

ACH Appeal


OUR CHALLENGE: Our Challenge: Take ACH’s direct mail program and develop a multi-channel approach to sharing their story. In addition to the direct mail, an email was sent to donors and a banner ad was added to the giving page creating a consistent message to donors. THE STORY: ACH saw an overall increase in number

Alabama Baptist Children’s Home Bookmark

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Alabama Baptist Children’s Home Email

OUR CHALLENGE: Add an email to Easter campaign that started with Facebook and direct mail. Created email with like branded landing page for donations. RESULTS: Contributions are up and still coming in. One donor was so touched by the message that offered to pay for a mission trip.